Pass It Forward – with Football

Charles Sturt University is pleased to provide funds on this occasion to assist  the development of local Football Club Macquarie United Football Club coaches by supporting The Community Opportunity Shops 2015  grant application , Pass-It Forward with Football.

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The Community Opportunity Shop’s  attempt to develop further on it Pass-It Forward with Football goodwill Project has recently been given  much needed and appreciated financial support with Charles Sturt University Healthy Active Lifestyle Community University partnership by funding the purchase of 10 Agility Pole training sets from specialist Football equipment retailers Sydney company Prosportsgroup.

The equipment we believe will support the teaching, learning resources of young and old players and coaches giving a positive experience in football with the Macquarie United Football Club.

The Macquarie United Football Club benefits on this occasion from the University’s philanthropic and sponsored support of Community endeavour and while The Community Opportunity Shop traditionally helps the community from the donation of funds raised from the sale of community donated goods into local causes and projects when funds allow , this is another way the community opportunity shop is trying to support and enhance community opportunity in Bathurst helping young people and service, sporting organisations such as Macquarie United Football club.

The Chocaroma Cubs are one of the Macquarie United Football Club  Under 9 small sided football teams who will benefit from access to the donated training equipment always encouraging investment in resources .

The Cubs are Holly Ford , Chris Jackson , Harry Thorpe (absent) , Jake Simmons , Tallen Taylor,  Alex Brown , Marcus Lewin, Beau Klower and Declan Prior who have all enjoyed their football in 2015 .

2015 has been a busy year for the Community Opportunity Shop and its teams of volunteers with a focus on the development of the Community Garden in Stephens Lane achieved with the combined assistance of Reliance Credit Union , Verto and the Community Opportunity Shops Resources and personnel. The voluntary work achieved like all charities is significant from this organisation and whether its efforts of its people are well intentioned but somewhat limited on its return back to the community , our work is deliberate and our hopes are for improvement by bringing about opportunity for our city and its people.

  • The efforts away from the Lions Club drive shop front have seen a number of grant applications attempted to try and assist the construction of a new Double Colour-bond garage to assist storage and potential workspace for growing needs of the Op Shop with the Community Partnership Development building funding currently being assessed  by the state government.
  • The other grants we have attempted to secure , include support building on the Pass-It Forward with Football work is the Holden Home Ground Advantage  to try and secure funds for football resources to be shared between Kelso High School , accessible to local clubs and funds to support redevelopment of Football  facilities at Police Paddock  where the donated funds would if successful be passed onto Bathurst regional council to look at the Amenities Block location to help cricket , football and the V8 Campers in October.
  • We have been successful thanks to Matt Irvine  with a grant to assist driver training where young people can access to increase the hours required with a licensed driver on L Plates , more details to emerge on this project.
  • Real Insurance and Medibank both have community sporting grants looking at support of our Pass-it Forward with Football and Striker School concepts , but in the competitive world of grant and sponsorship applications we hope for support and expect none.
  • this week reliance credit Union are refitting offices and we are suggesting that any community organisation that would like a desk or have a facility sporting or otherwise to make contact with the Community Opportunity Shop as soon as possible.

The support to community also in 2015 has been extended by way of written voluntary submissions for what it has been worth  to  the three tiers of government and also the national Football body  Football Federation of Australia with its development of a National Football Plan.

submissions on the Hennessy Model railway layout , Centennial Park future , Keppel street , Masterplan for Proctor Park , Destination Management Plan and an ambitious concept to bring coin operated Go Karts from Italian Company Sela to interest and engage young people and families.

Pass-it Forward with Football Project

To the attention of Richie Williams  and those of any interested individuals and organisations who would assist Football in Bathurst-

This charity organization has been instrumental in trying through various actions support of a research project attempt to position benefit for Football stakeholders in the Bathurst community.
The Primary and Secondary Schools of the Bathurst and neighbouring community , the member clubs of the Bathurst District Football Association , the students from Charles Sturt University, potential contact points at Police Citizens Youth Club (Bathurst ) and Community Centre (Bathurst) where the sport interacts with this community.
It is intention of any developed initiative to share conclusions with Football Federation of Australia.

The aim of the Project

  1. The sourcing of any resources that could be positioned in Kelso High School for a student based development , research , test and evaluation process to assist playing , coaching , administration and education development.
  2. The positioning of training resources to expose regional players , coaches and administration to emerging and innovative learning , teaching , skill and competancies.
  3. The positioning of product from what we believe as the number one Australian Football specific product retailer ( ).
  4. The investment of partnerships of product that would assist effective University , school , club , council , sports tourism , facility and event opportunities to emerge as a result of such a vision to seize the day for Football.

I have attached a brief description of the charitable nature , purpose and generosity of the efforts of the Community Opportunity Shop in Bathurst hoping for any supportive action.


The Community Opportunity Shop is located next to the cities Skate Park down near the river, your school is being given at this stage a size 5 football, courtesy of a successful grant application by the Community Opportunity Shop to the NRMA sponsored Western Sydney Wanderers Hyundai A-League Football franchise.

The Community Opportunity Shop has also lodged a separate sport and recreation grant to try and position specialty football equipment for your school to use at Proctor Park for an amount of $9050 to be matched by the community ahead of the World Cup in Brazil and Australia hosting the Asia Cup in 2015.

Bathurst children , mums and dads play Football , CSU , the schools and your mates play football as well as other sport. The Community Opportunity Shop see an opportunity to improve things for the community using this sport and would encourage your schools active interest in helping us but go and kick the Football around with your mates at lunch time .

Have a look at website  and view some of the items we are trying to raise funds from a grant to help this sport and your community flourish into the future.

Did you know that an affordable health and well being exercise is kicking a ball with your mates and it’s a great way to include people with all levels of skill.
Come and visit the Community Opportunity Shop and help us help you into the future..